Internship abroad or NOT?

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While creating Feender.com we have talked to many people. Most of them said that experience gained within motherland is more important than anything coming from foreign countries. Some of people we spoke with feel attached to the place they live at, some do not want to leave their partner alone, others believe that their trade does not allow career development in foreign countries. Of course, there are those of different opinion – ones that are delighted with possibilities of internships abroad and cannot understand how anybody can decide not to make use of them. How about you? Have you ever considered whether it is better to do your internship at home or abroad?

Staying at home

Gaining work experience in your country allows you get to know specificities of local market better. As you can imagine it may be extremely useful if you plan your future career to be connected with your home country. Knowledge about your craft, local occupational environment and the general know-how is a feat that employers value greatly. Moreover it is easier to find a training or internship locally. It also allows you to spend much less time worrying about commuting or looking for a place to live at great distance, cutting costs in the process. It seems to be a good idea for those less courageous and those that do not use foreign languages well – or do not know them at all.

Finding internship abroad

To be honest, though, there are much more benefits coming from going for an internship abroad. Leaving your country is a chance to get to know new schemas of production, management or sale, different from those you know from your home country. Quite often trainees may find themselves working in conditions much better than they are used to and – most importantly – face completely different attitude towards work.

Such experiences widen one's horizons, teach the candidate how to work in multicultural environment and how to deal with different conditions. Employee that sees candidate whose CV is filled with internships spent abroad knows that this is a person that is open to challenges, active and willing to improve own competences. Working abroad also means that one is proficient in using foreign language.

Besides, foreign internships often last longer than the ones at your home country. Depending on an offer, students can leave for more than two months, even up to a year! The other thing that is good about them is that the jobs they offer are nearly always paid for. Most of the foreign internships not only guarantee work that helps you develop yourself in an interesting country, but also pay off!

University authorities often approve of such internships, aiding and supporting students that choose to leave for them. If you are departing during the semester it is well worth to apply for individual studies organisation or a possibility of passing two terms in one, so that you will not have to repeat a year. Such training may yet become an unforgettable adventure!

It is good to remember that while choosing between internships you do not have to pick just one. Studies usually take five – or at least three – years, that may be used more effectively than just learning theory. The influx of scholarship programs and more and more internship offers appearing allows students to choose from a wide range of possibilities. Every year you can go for an internship to a different continent, country and city. No employer will be able to pass by such a CV indifferently!

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